Periyar 144 Birthday Celebration

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“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist and lecturer As we are getting ready to celebrate the life and legacy of Periyar Ayya, on his 144th birthday, we think it would be very fitting for our youth to engage in a heartfelt rhetorical session learning about what turned a common man EVR into “Periyar” indeed. Our intent is to encourage inquisitive young minds to reason, rationalize and fearlessly ask questions especially when something does not connect with the intellect… just the way Periyar did. In an effort to follow in his footsteps and pave the way for more “Periyars” in-the-making, let’s get the word out about few Youth events to reel in more participants!


  • All the participants will get an award of $25 USD e-gift card.
  • Participants will receive an e-certificate (sent to their email id a week after the event)
  • Special prizes will be announced at the end of the program. The winner must be present to avail of this grand opportunity!


  • Participant must reside in North America (USA,Canada, and Mexico)
  • Participant must be 21 years or under
  • Participants can register for ONLY ONE LIVE EVENT (Speech, Song/Poem)
  • Drawing, Skit and Essay writing are EARLY SUBMISSION events ONLY. Kindly e-mail your submission to due by Wed. Sept 7, 2022.
  • The time must not exceed two(2) minutes
  • You may choose to speak on your selected topic thru a story or experience


  • Registration is FREE to participate in this event
  • Registration is due by Sep 05, 2022 11:59 PM (EST)
Topics (Tamil)
Topics (English)