Periyar 144 Birthday Celebration

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Dressing up and acting out stories with power & conviction… Drama is a very compelling way for child actors to walk around in the “world of the leaders who have made a difference to mankind”… to experience what they experienced; to feel, in a very real way, the emotions that such scenarios raise; and to internalize the activists’ interpretation of these experiences is indeed a moment of joy, realization and experience not just for them but also the witnessing audience members.
உங்கள் திறமைகளைக் காட்டுங்கள் ! “பெரியார் “திரைப்படம் பாருங்கள். பார்த்துவிட்டு அதிலிருந்து உங்களுக்குப் பிடித்தக்  காட்சியைத் தனியாக 2 மணித்துளிகளுக்குள்ளே அல்லது குழுவாக 5 மணித்துளிகளுக்குள்ளே நடித்துக் காட்டுங்கள் ! பதிவு செய்து அனுப்பலாம் !
Display your talent! Bring out the actor in YOU! Watch the movie “PERIYAR”. Enact your favorite scene in 2 minutes (if Solo) or 5 minutes (for a small group upto 5 participants). Record and send it by Wed Sept 7,2022 11:59 PM (EST).


  • All the participants will get an award of $25 USD e-gift card.
  • Participants will receive an e-certificate (sent to their email id a week after the event)
  • Special prizes will be announced at the end of the program. The winner must be present to avail of this grand opportunity!


  • Participant must reside in North America (USA,Canada, and Mexico)
  • Participant must be 21 years or under
  • Participants can register for ONLY ONE LIVE EVENT (Speech, Song/Poem)
  • Drawing, Skit and Essay writing are EARLY SUBMISSION events ONLY. Kindly e-mail your submission to due by Wed. Sept 7, 2022.
  • The time must not exceed 2 minutes


  • Registration is FREE to participate in this event
  • Registration is due by Sep 05, 2022 11:59 PM (EST)