Periyar 144 Birthday Celebration

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Let your creative juices flow from your pen to paper. Periyar 144 celebratory event encourages you to bring out the writer in you. It’s your chance to affect others thru your words – create an impact coz. written words are stronger and possess great emphasis compared to spoken words… coz writing gives more subtle yet solid messages. Your theme-based writing on topics presented on Periyar & social justice (the societal challenges and injustices we still see today around us), equality and humanism would help foster not only an awareness but potentially make a difference esp. among your peers and the general population.


  • All the participants will get an award of $25 USD e-gift card.
  • Participants will receive an e-certificate (sent to their email id a week after the event)
  • Special prizes will be announced at the end of the program. The winner must be present to avail of this grand opportunity!


  • Participant must reside in North America (USA,Canada, and Mexico)
  • Participant must be 21 years or under
  • Participants can register for ONLY ONE LIVE EVENT (Speech, Song/Poem)
  • Drawing, Skit and Essay writing are EARLY SUBMISSION events ONLY. Kindly e-mail your submission to due by Wed. Sept 7, 2022.
  • The essay may be in Tamil or English
  • The essay must not exceed five hundred (500) words


  • Registration is FREE to participate in this event
  • Registration is due by Sep 05, 2022 11:59 PM (EST)
Topics (Tamil)
Topics (English)

Your essay & drawing will be published in Periyar Pinju magazine in Tamilnadu with a wider reach to thousands of readers.