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3rd International Humanism Conference on Social Justice

Periyar International (PI) along with the Center for Inquiry Canada (CFIC), Humanist Canada (HC) and the Humanist Association of Toronto (HAT) are proud to announce a two-day conference on September 24th & 25th, 2022, with the goal to make all of us lead happier lives through humanism, mental freedom and helping others. This is the third international conference by Periyar International USA.

Our expert speakers and interactive workshops will explore topics like Social Justice, Literature & History, Dravidian Model, Women’s Rights, Health and Wealth, Rational Thinking, Dispelling astrology and Superstition, Humanism in Education, Building Communities, Social Justice to the Native People, Immigrants & the Under-privileged, and much more.
Periyar International

Periyar International was founded on November 13, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. It was inaugurated by late Hon. Chandrajit Yadav, former Minister of the Union Govt. of India and the President of the Centre for Social Justice, New Delhi, in the presence of Dr. K. Veeramani, the president of Dravidar Kazagam (D.K.). The main purpose of this organization is to propagate the Dravidian social thought & Humanistic ideas of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy to the world.

Learn more about Periyar International here.

Center for Inquiry Canada (CFIC)

CFIC works with members, volunteers, supporters and partners to create a better world. They do this through the application of critical thinking skills; promotion of good science; adoption of secular decision making and through building communities of like minded people. CFIC is a national, volunteer led, charitable organization with several local branches across the country.

Learn more about the CFIC here. 

Humanist Canada

Humanist Canada strives to create a fair and equal society guided by critical thinking and compassion. It is committed to putting Humanism into practice through ceremonies, outreach, and education programs throughout Canada.

It started out in 1954 as the Humanist Fellowship of Montreal and then became a national organization in 1968. For more than half a century, Humanist Canada has been a growing movement at the forefront of social change. In 1996, it was granted the authority to certify Humanist Officiants to perform marriage ceremonies in Ontario. Across the country, our Officiants conduct deeply meaningful ceremonies to recognize significant milestone events in people’s lives.

Learn more about Humanist Canada here.

Humanist Association of Toronto (HAT)

HAT’s mission is to grow Humanism – a secular, rational and compassionate worldview – through education, connection and community involvement in Toronto. It provides opportunities for Humanist service, study and socializing. It also offers and provides members and non-members with meaningful, dignified ceremonies, free of supernatural implications, at significant times of the life.

Learn more about the HAT here.